'What A Glorious Night' - Sidewalk Prophets Acoustic Christmas Performance

There's nothing like an upbeat Christmas song to really get you in the holiday spirit. And that's exactly what the newest Christmas tune from Sidewalk Prophets does.

Just listen as they perform an amazing song titled 'What A Glorious Night.' It was truly an amazing evening when our Savior was born. The angels rejoiced and the world received their King. Whenever I think about Christ's birth and Christmas time, I'm always overcome with a feeling of thanks and gratitude. God sent His only Son down to this earth to die for our sins.

Now, we will all live out our eternity in Heaven and that's a glorious thing, indeed. This worship song is the perfect way to sing His praises this Christmas season and that's exactly what I'll be doing. Jesus is the real reason for the season and this is the perfect reminder. Amen!

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