Rescue Dog Comforts Man With Dementia

Rescue Dog Comforts Man With Dementia

When Mandy Looney first met Louis, he had been abandoned and picked up by the animal and cruelty division. Louis' fur was matted and he had to be shaved down and cleaned up.

It was obvious that he had some behavioral issues, but Mandy thought that Louis would be a perfect match for her dad. Mandy's dad suffers from dementia, but he fell in love with Louis. Even with the abuse Louis endured, he will climb right up in this man's lap and they will cuddle.

Every afternoon, Mandy's dad will start to get agitated but now all she has to do is put Louis in his arms and he will calm down. These two have formed a beautiful bond and it's obvious they love each other very much.

I just love how these two unlikely friends can give one another comfort when they need it the most. What a perfect addition to the family!

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