Dogs Causes Traffic Jam On Highway

Dogs Causes Traffic Jam On Highway

Getting stuck in traffic is never fun, and sometimes it seems as though traffic is backed up for no reason at all. But in this clip, two dogs caused traffic to back up by running up and down the freeway.

The traffic was backed up miles down because of these little guys. No one wanted to hit them, so drivers were driving very slowly and swerving to stay out of the way. But the dogs were all over the place. And then, everyone had to come to a complete stop because the dogs started weaving in and out of the cars. No one could predict where they would run next but they all knew that they did not want to hurt them.

That's when several drivers and bystanders got out of their vehicles to try and help them. Even officers drove ahead of all the traffic to try and box the dogs in. But nothing seemed to be working out.

Finally, someone was able to catch this adventurous duo and return them to their owner. Several news reporters swarmed to the owner’s house to see what they had to say about their doggy’s adventure. I am so glad no one got hurt and I am sure they are glad too.

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