94-Year-Old Grandma Shows Off Dance Moves

This 94-year-old grandma is having the time of her life and you've just got to see it! The Wobble is one of my favorite line dances. This little girl and her cousin were visiting with her great-grandma when they decided to start dancing. They put the music all the way up. And it turned into a full-on dance party as soon the popular dance song, The Wobble, started to play.

This precious little girl knew all the moves to the dance, but it was Granny who completely stole the show with her own dance moves. Everyone was so excited about getting grandma up on her feet, so they made sure to get the camera rolling. She got rid of her cane and was free to move as much as she wanted. At first, she had a cute two-step routine going on, but then she started stepping from left to right all the way from one end of the floor to the next.

The grooving granny was dancing all across the room. You can hear her daughter laughing and cheering her on. Other family members had to come in and see what all the noise was all about too. This lady certainly has some moves and I would have loved to join in on this dance party!

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