Newsboys Medley 'God's Not Dead/We Believe/He Reigns'

There's truly no one like our Lord in Heaven above. He has given us so much in this life and there's no way to give Him enough thanks. Today, talented artist Chad Graham reminds us of this as he covers the beautiful Newsboys songs 'God's Not Dead' and 'We Believe' and 'He Reigns.'

This incredible medley is one you have to hear to believe. There's no doubt that Chad has a God-given talent for singing and I'm so glad that he's using that voice to give praise to His name. Each of these songs holds such a special place in our hearts and souls. They truly speak to His amazing love and never-ending praise and forgiveness.

Even when the world around us continues to get scary, we know that our Lord in Heaven will take care of us and that one day we will all be in a better place. This medley of worship songs is just what my heart needed to hear today. Amen.

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