Officers Save Choking Puppy After Owner Rushes Into Police Station

Officers Save Choking Puppy After Owner Rushes Into Police Station

Police officers save a choking puppy after the owner rushes him into the police station, hoping to save her sweet pet’s life.

The Saint Bernard puppy was only nine weeks old when it started choking and could not breath. The desperate owner started to panic and did not know what to do, so she ran him into a nearby police station, hoping that someone there could help her.

As soon as she entered the building, she paced back and forth screaming out to someone in the station to come help her. The sight of her lifeless puppy was almost too much for her to bear. Thankfully, several officers came out into the lobby to see what was going on. In order to clear the puppy’s airways and get him to start breathing again, they tried to pat the puppy’s back. Unfortunately, that did not work.

The more the police officers tried, the more worked up and anxious the puppy’s owner started to get. The puppy still did not appear to show any signs of life, and the woman is starting to think that she’s lost her beloved companion. But these dedicated officers were not going to give up. They tried for several minutes to clear the dog’s airway. The officers knew that they did not have much time, so they were trying to work really fast.

Just in the nick of time, the police officers managed to clear the obstruction, and the puppy began to breathe again! The owner went from crying tears of saddens to crying tears of joy and relief. And after the puppy was revived, he was provided with oxygen before being taken to a veterinarian to get looked at.

Thank goodness for these police officers and that they knew exactly what to do to save this sweet Saint Bernard puppy!

Lifeless dog

A desperate woman rushes into a police station with a lifeless puppy – now watch what happens next... Feel free to pass this on ❤️

Posted by The Animal Bible on Tuesday, March 6, 2018

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