Five-Year-Old Piano Prodigy Plays Chopin

Evan Le may just be 5 years old, but this little boy has the skills of someone four times his age. Evan has only been playing the piano for 2 years, but it's obvious that this child prodigy has some serious skills. He took his first lesson in 2014, when he was just 3 years old.

Now, Evan is being seen all over the world for his incredible talent. Evan's piano skills came as a surprise to everyone, including his parents who have no musical background. They noticed Evan going up to the piano throughout the day and trying to play, so that's when they decided that formal lessons needed to happen. And Evan's talent don't just stop at the piano.

Besides having perfect pitch, Evan reads and memorizes music pieces incredibly fast. He also likes to compose his own pieces and play them for family and friends.

Today, Evan is playing an incredible rendition of Chopin’s Minute Waltz and it is pure perfection. Who else is in awe of this talented tot?

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