Funny Dad Tries To Change Baby's Diaper

Funny Dad Tries To Change Baby's Diaper

Being a dad comes with a lot of responsibilities and some of those aren't the most pleasant. This particular father learned this first hand when he his wife was away and he was left to watch their baby son. During that time, the baby boy had a full diaper and with no one else to help change him, this daddy was forced to tackle the mess head on.

Just watch as he hilariously opens the diaper and is hit with the full force of sight and smell. This dad starts to cough, gag and exclaims out loud about how hard this is. Thankfully, he is able to get through the entire diaper change and share a few laughs with the baby along the way.

Taking care of a baby definitely isn't easy and this funny dad no doubt agrees. I'm pretty sure he'll be very happy when Mom walks back in the door. Have you have had an experience like this?

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Posted by Amos Wilfer on Friday, November 17, 2017