Bird Lands On News Anchor's Head

Bird Lands On News Anchor's Head

When you're a newscaster on live television, you have to be prepared for anything to happen. And that's exactly what at this news station.

CBS News 8's Morning News anchors Nichelle Medina and Eric Kahnert were getting ready for a segment on a local zoo when a a 10-year-old scarlet ibis took off and landed right on Nichelle's head. Nichelle was such a champ about the entire situation. She wasn't scared or nervous, she just sat there until the beautiful bird took off again.

You truly have to expect the unexpected in the newsroom and Nichelle is obviously a seasoned veteran. She even said that the bird gave her a very nice scalp massage. I always love watching these funny news bloopers and this clip was no different. I'm just so glad that this funny clip had a happy ending. What are some funny things you've seen while watching the news?

A bird on the head is worth two anchors on the desk!

Posted by CBS 8 - San Diego News on Friday, February 23, 2018