'Come To The Table' - Sidewalk Prophets

No matter your sins or troubles, you are never too far gone for the Lord. Even when we may feel at our darkest, God is always by our side.

He is truly the light that will guide us home. You do not have to be perfect to receive God's love, He holds out His arms for us all. He takes all of our broken pieces and makes them whole again. Be reminded of this as you listen to the powerful lyrics of 'Come To The Table' from Sidewalk Prophets.

God made the ultimate sacrifice for us when He sent His only Son to Earth to die for our sins. Because of this gift, we are now forgiven and free to live out our days in Heaven above.

What an amazing sacrifice all for us. I am so thankful we serve such a loving and accepting Lord. Let us join our voices together and give praise to His name. Amen!

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