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Bus Driver Comforts 6-Year-Old During Mom's Seizure

Bus Driver Comforts 6-Year-Old During Mom's Seizure

Michelle Mixon has been driving for the Milwaukee Transit System for over 21 years. But one chilling day will be etched in her memory forever.

Michelle was driving the city bus when she saw a mother have a seizure on the street in front of her daughter. Michelle immediately stopped the bus and the terrified 6-year-old ran into her arms in a panic. This kind bus driver was able to comfort this scared girl and they waited for the ambulance to arrive and take her mother to safety.

It was definitely a tense few minutes as other passengers helped to keep the woman stable and comfortable on the street. Thankfully, first responders arrived and the little girl was able to be with her mother in the ambulance as they transported her to the hospital. Michelle says she has never gone through anything as emotional as this day before but she was so glad she was able to help out.

I'm so thankful that Michelle and these other kind strangers were able to help out this family in their time of need.