Grandson Sings Grandma's Country Song

Robert Smith has always known this his mother has a way with words. In fact, about 30 years ago, she wrote a country song and recorded it onto a cassette tape. Last Christmas, this sweet mom shared her song with Robert and his son, Travis.

It truly left a lasting impression on the two so they decided to do something special for this amazing woman. Travis has been recording some music lately, so Robert asked him if he would be interested in recording his grandmother's song. Of course, Robert said yes, and they retrieved the lyrics and made a special rendition of this powerful songs.

The words talk about God never leaving us alone and how one day we will be home in Heaven with our Father. When it came time to share the final product, everyone knew it was going to be emotional. But just looking at this sweet woman's face when she hears her grandson's voice coming from the speakers is absolutely heartwarming. This is truly a priceless gift and I know this song will be cherished for years to come.

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