12 Nuns Perform Zumba Dance To I Will Follow Him

12 Nuns Perform Zumba Dance To I Will Follow Him

It was definitely an incredible moment captured on camera when these 12 nuns perform a Zumba dance to a worship song. When these nuns lined up in a gymnasium, I had no idea what was about to happen. But keep watching as the 12 woman move to the center of the gym fully dressed in their tunics, cowls, white gloves and veils.

The ladies start off with a liturgical style of dance to the song “I Will Follow Him” by Little Peggy March. Their movements are so elegant and powerful. As they dance in unison, you can tell that they are really into the entire routine.

Their heads were held high and they wave their arms in the air at the same tempo of the song. It was so beautiful to watch them. But then, suddenly, they lifted up the bottom of the tunic to keep from tripping. That's when the music changed tempo and these ladies turned their liturgical dance turned into a full-on Zumba routine!

Their dance moves were so fun and upbeat. The nuns were bouncing around and clapping all across the gym floor. Normally, when we think of nuns, images of stoic women with somber looks on their faces come to mind. I definitely don’t think of talented dancers. But who says that women of God can’t have some pep in their step? It is obvious that they were having a blast during this entire routine and so was I! What do you think of this dance number?

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