Iran's president wishes Jews Happy New Year (Second Coming Watch Update #392)

Iran's president wishes Jews Happy New Year (Second Coming Watch Update #392)

1. According to CNN, Marking a sharp shift from his Holocaust-denying predecessor, new Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on Wednesday wished "all Jews" a "blessed Rosh Hashanah" on his English-language Twitter account.

2. According to Reuters, a top aide to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said on Wednesday that peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians are proving pointless and will not bear fruit without much greater pressure from Washington.

3. According to Israel Hayom, Egypt seems to have lost what little control it had on Sinai, where terror attacks against Cairo's forces now take place on a daily basis, and the Gaza Strip-based terror groups continue to attack Israel, albeit less tenaciously.

4. According to CNN, every year, nearly 800,000 people die from cardiovascular disease. According to a new study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, that’s 30% of all deaths under the age of 75. Dr. Thomas Frieden, director of the CDC, said that 200,000 of those lives could be saved every year.

5. According to Reuters, a strong, shallow earthquake struck Tuesday west of Vancouver Island, but no damage was reported, and no tsunami warnings were issued.

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