The Deadbeat Club Book Trailer

This is the book trailer for The Deadbeat Club: The Mystery of the Unidentified Woman - - It is a Preteen/Teen Mystery. Can you ignore a mystery? When Abel, Natalie, Mark, Dave, and Olivia stumble across an overgrown and forgotten grave in the cemetery with a headstone dedicated to an unknown woman, they vow to uncover her identity. But it's been a long time since she died, where should they begin their investigation, and after all this time, will there still be any clues left to discover? They have always relied on each other for support, but will their collective detective skills be good enough to unravel a mystery that is more than a hundred and thirty years old? Follow the Deadbeat Club as they struggle to unearth the long forgotten evidence in an attempt to solve the riddle and discover the truth about the unidentified woman.

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