"Christianity Confronts Paganism," Acts 14. Rev. R. Scott MacLaren 9/28/14

It seems that modern culture is turning full circle back to its pagan origins as it embraces once more the notion that all religions are one, that tolerance is necessary for all beliefs that are non-exclusive,and that all of life is essentially diviine. The Christian Church might benefit from its own past when early theologians like Irenaeus confronted the Gnostic sects and defeated them by a sound presentation of the Word of God. Watch as Pastor MacLaren examines the first major confrontation with paganism by the gospel in the missionary travels of the apostle Paul as recorded in Acts 14. This sermon was preached at First Presbyterian Church in Perkasie, Pennsylvania (USA). First Church is a member of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church. The Rev. R. Scott MacLaren is the pastor.

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