Rest in the Lord

Rest in the Lord

He had just chosen his disciples.... In following Him you will have trials and tribulations. No one can give to you like God can give to you. If you are not willing to take up your cross and carry it you are not worthy of God. John the Baptist was in prison.
The disciples were following Jesus and didn't even have any food to eat. They trusted in Christ and not their circumstances.

Every thing that was created was from God. If you don't know Christ Jesus then you don't know God. God has to reveal who Jesus is to you, not your parents or even the pastor can tell or teach you who he is. You have to answer to God yourself for the sins and the good works that you have done here on earth.

Lunar calendar goes by the moon. And the solar calendar goes by the sun. Christ Jesus would not ask you to do something for Him, without already knowing the out come for you. We are becoming excepting of sin. We don't see things thru till the end. All these things that come about in life, is to make you come to God to teach you about his rest. Instead of us finding the rest from God we want to keep holding on to the things that bring you comfort in the moment.
Jesus says rest in me. Rest means no work no labor. When you learn to rest in Jesus those other things don't bother you.

If God has forgiven us we have to be able to forgive others.

Matthew 11:25-30

Luke 7:22-23

Genesis 2:2-3

James 1:2-3

Job 1:8

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