Earthquake in China kills two people and injures 100 (Second Coming Watch Update #144)

Earthquake in China kills two people and injures 100 (Second Coming Watch Update #144)

Date: June 25, 2012

By: Daniel Whyte III

Description: Earthquake in China kills two people and injures 100. According to the AFP, a shallow earthquake hit a mountainous area of southwest China on Sunday, killing at least two people and injuring around 100. The Chinese government put the magnitude of the quake at 5.7. The earthquake toppled houses and cut off communications with parts of Ning-lang county in the province of Yunnan. More casualties were also reported in Yan-yuan county. Provincial sent relief supplies to Ning-lang, where the quake was strongly felt.

Iranian commander warns Israel against any attack on Iran. According to Israel News, a deputy chief of staff of Iranian Armed Forces warned Israel against any military aggression on the Islamic republic. Major General Mos-ta-fa I-za-di said, "The Islamic Revolution enjoys high capabilities and if the Zionist regime wants to take action against us, it will cause its imminent end."

Russian president heads to Israel and Jordan amid carnage in Syria. According to the AFP, Russian President Vladimir Putin will travel this week to Israel and Jordan for talks set to be framed by the worsening crisis in Syria that risks sending shockwaves across the entire Middle East. The centerpiece of the trip is a visit to the Israeli city of Netanya where Putin will unveil a World War II memorial and talk with Israeli leaders. Russia confirmed this week its cargo ship was carrying attack helicopters and anti-missile...

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