Video Sermon Home Church The Walls Are Coming Down

Note: out of sync? our desert mission, we have several services a week, few have come to date, home missions is very hard. The first time we have done this type of ministry, a remote location in Yermo Ca, the Mojave desert. 13 months ago we were able to rent a very, very, large home mission. 7 Acres, plenty of space for camping, we are at the foot of the Calico Mountains. It is a barren place, a town of only 1000 people.
We normally minister in large inner cities, this is something new. We have been in Yermo, 5 Years. We were given this large place, lots of storage areas, a guest house, lots of room. 450.00 a month rent for a large 3 bedroom house and 7 acres, un heard of.

We live on 100% faith, most ministry is on line and on line doing very well. A Big PTL. Not one single dime, we are a non-denominational independent, Baptacostal LOL. Ministry. Pray for us, to date, some how the lord has kept us on the mission field, and to date, we do not owe anyone, 100% faith, every month, we moved in with nothing. Everything was given to us, so a remodeled house, furniture, everything, even our cloths given, amazing. every month we look to the lord just to meet the house-mission needs, and that he has done. We are seeking, not a revival, but a great awakening. My virtual mentors and influences most of my ministry have been David Wilkerson, Leonard Ravinhill, Austin T. Sparkes, George Whitfield, great awakening ministers.

This sermon is one of great hope and victory to get over walls

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