"Federal Europe" to be a reality within a few years; Jerusalem mayor says no to Palestinian rule in city (Second Coming Watch Update #343)

Date: May 9, 2013

By: Daniel Whyte III

Description: 1. According to The Telegraph of Great Britain, European Commission president, Jose Manuel Barroso, said a fully fledged federal Europe may seem like "political science fiction" today but will soon become reality for all European Union countries whether inside or outside the euro. He has fanned the flames of British debate over EU membership by insisting that fiscal union in the eurozone will lead to "intensified political union" for all 27 member states.

2. According to The Times of Israel, Jerusalem's mayor Nir Bar-kat has ruled out any notion of Palestinian rule in the capital and says it is 'ridiculous' that Jews can't pray on the Temple Mount. In arguably the most candid and forthright interview he has given since winning office in 2008, Bar-kat suggested that if the Palestinians wanted a capital in Jerusalem they could rename Ramallah "Jerusalem" or "northern Jerusalem." He said, "it was in Jerusalem's DNA to be a united city, under sole Jewish rule."

3. According to the Washington Times, the Department of Homeland Security said that Middle East and North Africa based criminal hackers are preparing cyberattacks against the websites of high-profile U.S. government agencies, banks and other companies. The department said the attacks, dubbed Operation USA, are set to begin this week. A homeland security bulletin said that "Operation USA poses a limited threat of temporarily disrupting U.S. websites,"