Truth (Video Jam)

This video jam titled "Truth" comes from a sermon preached by Dr. Vincent G. Artese titled "Every One Who Is Of the Truth Hears My Voice".

The Rich Young Ruler comes to Christ when He is at the height of His popularity. Many want to be identified with Jesus because many were astonished at His teaching and miracles. This man wants to be identified with Christ but he must make adjustments to his life. The person who sees short falling and sins in their life become convicted. When one applies Christ as the Truth they will become more and more identified with Him. One must hear, believe, respond, and obey. The Rich Young Ruler begins to do this but stopped short. He knew the commandments, but was unwilling to live them out and sell all to be identified with Christ. Exterior religion is not enough! Hypocrites do not truly identify with Christ. One must be willing to let go of all their opinions and apply His Word to every situation in their life. Hypocrites argue against and resist the Truth, they go through the motions but they do not obey.

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-Some of the footage that we have used is from the Alliance Church and the Adventist Church.

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