Kassi Hemerka - Sing Your Praises

I subscribe to Worship Leader magazine, and they offer an optional CD sampler every issue, called SongDiscovery. It always contains lots of good music mostly by non-mainstream Christian artists. I've found lots of good stuff on these sampler CDs, and have discovered lots of artists that are never played on the radio. This month's sampler CD included a song by Kassi Hemerka, whom I had never heard of. She's fantastic! Here is a video that I made for a song that she co-wrote with Adam Farrell, called "Sing Your Praises". Not necessarily deep lyrically, but powerful nonetheless, and very energetic. Would make a very good song for a worship team to sing in the middle of a worship set. From her album "You Can Heal My Heart", which has lots of great songs on it. Check it out!

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