The Silencer

Key Words: The Church, Mission, Albania, Turkey, Greece, Persecution, Thriller...

The Story...

Jude Kilburn and his wife Alex have moved from London to Albania to grow the church, in particular by publishing a keen biography of a local hard-man turned Christian. But a clandestine group has made it their mission to stop this work… The Christians sense danger, but the list of potential enemies is long: unreformed ex-paramilitaries, ultra-nationalists, mobsters. How and by whom will the cycle of violence and revenge be foiled?

In addition to the thrill of the chase and the open road journalist Paul Alkazraji gives an authentic colour to scene details, and readers get a taste of everyday life in post-communist Albania where everyone has a mobile phone but power cuts are frequent! The characters too illustrate gifts and competencies today’s missionaries might need to seek. While intimidation is commonplace in the Balkans, this particular crisis is fictional, yet it resonates with true events.

Paul Alkazraji is the author of four books including ‘Christ and the Kalashnikov’ (Zondervan). He has written travel articles for The Independent in the UK and been a magazine editor.
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