Jesus is Everything

Jesus is everything has to be understood as such. This video will share how Jesus as everything and all in all is to be worshiped. When He is so, there is nothing or no one you will need further to take the place of Jesus even a small part. That is why Jesus is everything and all in all.

The meaning of fulfillment covers the aspect that Jesus has become the living laws. Worship and love Him is keeping the 10 commandments however, the essence is now Jesus is the living laws and it is written in the believers' hearts. They carry the laws with them in all circumstances and situations. But the thorny law, the Sabbath as some say must be kept. How sad to be ignorant of the meaning fulfillment and everything and all in all. Jesus should therefore be the Sabbath Law, and a living one too. Believers can therefore worship Him any day and anywhere, a far better way of keeping the Sabbath. By the way, God is omniscient and He knows what the humans will be scheming and had forestalle or upset the Sabbath day by performing two miracles which cause a day or less to be lost. This upset the original 7 day week arrangement when He created world & everything in six days. It is true that God rested on the 7th day and gave commandment that it be kept. However, God had a better plan and He sent Jesus to become the Sabbath to allow Jesus to fulfill completely the Laws.

Please enjoy the video and keep away from things that draw your love and focus away from Jesus.

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