News Bulletin 17 August 2012 -- The Christian Institute

High Court judges have decided, in a landmark euthanasia ruling, that doctors cannot kill locked in syndrome sufferer Tony Nicklinson, despite wishing to end his own life -- The Government is to consider a permanent move to extend Sunday trading hours -- Peter and Hazelmary Bull, the owners of a Cornish guesthouse who were sued over their policy of restricting double rooms to married couples, have won permission to take their case to the UK Supreme Court -- Former drug addict Russell Brand has backed abstinence as the best way to get people off drugs, and criticised the use of the heroin substitute methadone -- A survey of Conservative Party members has revealed that dropping controversial policies like same-sex marriage could help them win the next general election -- The Church of England is to keep its 26 bishops who currently sit in the House of Lords after plans to reform the Upper Chamber were dropped -- And finally some of this year's top Olympic athletes talk about their faith.

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