Sermon: "One Final Sacrifice," R. Scott MacLaren, First OPC Perkasie, PA 8/19/12

Not only do Reformed Churches not have a priest serving at an altar in their churches, they also do not have a re-sacrifice of the body of Christ in a weekly mass. The reason for this is that the death of Christ on the cross fully satisfied all of God's just demands, and no further sacrifice is required. Watch as Pastor MacLaren shows from the Scriptures how the death of Christ was a penal, substitutionary sacrifice that fully atoned for our sins, and that it not only put an end to the old sacrificial system of the Jewish state, it also put an end to any further need for atoning sacrifices in the life of the church. This sermon was preached at First Presbyterian Church in Perkasie, Pennsylvania on August 19, 2012. The Rev. R. Scott MacLaren is the pastor.

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