Speaker Debbie Griffith-The Coffee Mug (2012)

Debbie Griffith-speaker, radio girl and writer shares the story of when she first ordered a mug to sell at retreats and conferences. She thought; "Could not the company who produced the mug SEE that the cartoon drawing of me should be much LARGER!" She prayed Romans 8:28 over the mug knowing ALL things work for THE GOOD to those who love Him and He calls for a specific purpose (and that includes coffee mugs where the logo is too small). The lesson God gave her was this; "Debbie you must decrease so I can increase" which is His Word from John 3:30. Now she'll always order the same size logo on the same size mug. It is the "Shrink & Drink" mug. We need to shrink to drink in all God has for us.

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