Worship song - Hello God with words

Worship song - Hello God with words

Worship song - Hello God with words. http://www.jesusinspiredmusic.com This is our original song Hello God (2012 single) with the words on the screen. The song is available at CD Baby and iTunes. Visit us on line to learn more about our ministry.

Hello God is a simple worship chorus that serves to remind us to think about God at the first part of the day. The Bible gives us many examples of different ways that God communicates with His people.

He uses dreams like the ones He gave to king Nebuchadnezzar, and He gave Daniel visions to interpret them (Daniel 4). Also to tell Mary (Luke 1:26) and Joseph (Matthew 1:20) about Jesus. We also learn that Noah walked with God (Genesis 6:9), He appeared to Moses as a burning bush (Exodus 3), He wrestled with Jacob (Genesis 32:22), appeared as a flash of light and spoke to Paul (Acts 9:4), and came to earth as both God and man in Jesus Christ.

Hello God
Words and Music by Jim Papanek (ASCAP)
© 2006 Jesus Inspired Music

Hello God it's me
awake to see a brand new day
Hello God above
With love I want to say hello God

You keep me safe through the night
Please keep me safe through this day
I know You hear my morning prayer
and I know You're always there
'cause You are my friend until the end

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