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Jessie J - Price Tag (Uganda Cover)

Checkout the non-profit that inspired this video: ‪http://ow.ly/bMEHE

I give $1.00 monthly to help these kids. Can you? ‪http://ow.ly/bMEH8

My friend Brett (Director of Dollar For The Poor) invited me to come to Uganda back in May. His organization helps provide sustainable resources to orphanages and groups in various African countries. This trip we teamed up with Restoration Gateway (an AMAZING orphanage: http://ow.ly/dHIsj). Overall atmosphere of joy was overwhelming. All the kids & staff seemed so content & full of life. It was quite convicting & frankly a shift of paradigms to me. Too many times we "Americans" think we're going over to help when in fact they're the ones doing the help. They show the liberation that's possible when you're content with basic needs. They show the deep joy for human relationships and their love is infectious. We thought since so many causes wrongly focus on showing these particular regions as depressed & emaciated we thought we'd show them how they really were. While we were there the kids LOVED dancing & singing. So one day we turned on the music loud & captured it all on camera. This video is the result (English is their second language so the lip syncing wasn't perfect but we say A for effort). I hope it not only encourages you but also puts a smile on your face. These kids love life & display what true joy is. We can have so much to learn!

Support these kids and others like them by providing sustainable resources so they can have more opportunities to spread their joy visit here: ‪http://ow.ly/bMEJH

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