Casting Call for The Forest's Clearance (Updated)

Casting Call for The Forest's Clearance (Updated)

This is an updated version of my casting call. Please, I really need the help. There are so many more cats coming that I will need voices for. I've used my family up ;D



"What are you doing here? This is OUR territory!"


"After tonight Thistleweed, this will be just another BushClan hunting ground"

Cats of the Future:

Lashtail (Longtail)

"Look at his collar! He's a kittypet!"

Spinefur (Darkstripe)

"Lucky his collar snapped when it did. Lashtail is a young warrior. But I wouldn't expect him to be beaten by a Kitty-pet." (Say this slowly ;D)

Speedfoot (Whitestorm)

"You wanna be a clan-cat? Ha. How interesting! Do you really think a kitty-pet like you, can take on a clan-cat like me?"

(These cats of the future, I do not need right now. So please try to cast for Thistleweed, and Stingingclaw first.)