Smart Baby Girl Knows How To Perform CPR

Smart Baby Girl Knows How To Perform CPR

It seems like kids are getting smarter and smarter these days. With the invention of new technology, they have the opportunity to expand their knowledge in an entirely new way.

Nowadays, I feel like a 4-year-old has a better understanding of a smart phone compared to me. All joking aside, it’s true that babies and toddler pick up on your actions from a very young age. They will start to repeat what you do and try to do it on their own. This is so true for this precious little girl and the particular skill she picked up on could help save a life.

This tiny tot has obviously been watching her parents and they have been practicing their CPR technique. CPR is a lifesaving technique that is used when someone’s heart or breathing has stopped. Classes are taught all over to teach people this helpful skill and it’s saved many lives throughout the years.

Today, this toddler is trying her hand at this technique and it’s absolutely amazing to witness. Just watch as she crouches beside the dummy and uses her ear to listen for breathing. Then, she starts to do compressions and even tries mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. She’s definitely been watching some people learn CPR and she’s got the technique almost down pat.

In a few more years, this little girl could be strong enough to actually utilize this skill to save someone’s life. How cool is that for something that she just picked up by watching and listening to those around her?