Synthetic Christianity

Have you ever noticed, some 'Christians' will walk miles in heat to listen to God's Word for half a day, while some will not take a twenty minute drive in comfort to sit in a 90 minute, air-conditioned service? Some will cross oceans to tell others of Jesus, and some won't cross the hall of their apartment building. Some will face death for their faith, while others will not face a friend's disapproval. According to one poll, 81 % of adult Americans consider themselves Christians, but fewer than half of them could identify the preacher of The Sermon on the Mount, or name the first 4 books of the New Testament. Do not these statistics, and your own experiences suggest that there are a great many counterfeit Christians in our culture? Is the bulk of American Christianity the real thing? Is it authentic, or synthetic? Is it woven with genuine Lamb's wool, or with polyester? Where is the temporal sacrifice Jesus called His followers to endure? Where is the holiness He required in the lives of His disciples? Do the message and the methods of modern evangelicalism bear some responsibility for the large number of counterfeit Christians? Is your faith authentic or synthetic?

Preached by Russ Sukhia from Liberty Church, PCA

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