Class8_Science_Metals and Non-Metals_Metals

Metals are used in making machinery, automobiles, aeroplanes, buildings, trains, satellites, gadgets, cooking utensils, water boilers, etc.
Sodium and potassium are soft metals that can be cut with a knife. Mercury is a liquid metal.

The metal base in an electric iron is for conducting heat, not electricity. Metals are very good conductors of heat, too. That's why cooking utensils, irons, heaters, etc. are all made of metals.
Metals can be easily shaped into wires. This property of metals is called ductility.
Metals can be easily shaped into thin flat sheets. This characteristic of metals is called malleability.
Metals make a sound when struck with hard objects. Metals can be polished to a shiny appearance. That's why gold and silver jewellery shine so much.

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