Into the Day by Bebo Norman

Into the Day by Bebo Norman

Some will hate you, some will love you; some will flatter, some will slight; cease from man, and look above you, trust in God and do the right. -Macleod

There is power in music – power that reflects the transformation that Bebo Norman has experienced in these past few years.

Of course, some things don’t change. On Between the Dreaming and the Coming True we hear the same urgent spirituality that has been evident in all of Norman’s work.

But it speaks differently – not only in his familiar acoustic sounds and through the intimacy of his marriage of guitar and voice - but in powerful arrangements brought to life by a full band and crafted by Norman who served as co-producer on the project. Choruses soar, drums thunder, and the piano lets loose drapes of brilliant texture bathing Norman’s message with a more vivid light.

Listen closely and follow the flow of the music. “Into the Day” begins the album with a promise to the tortured soul of rescue and drifts to “Be My Covering,” a meditation on the ravages born by our modern world. “I Know Now,” finds freedom hidden in despair. “Sunday” reveals an appreciation for love as an island in a turbulent sea, and the last track, “Now That You’ve Gone,” serves as a cry for those who are wounded by loneliness and, frankly, is a strange finale to an album that preaches hope.