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The Little Girl With A Pearl Necklace.

Nelly was a lovely little girl, with beautiful dark brown locks. She was a charming little five-year-old girl, always laughing and singing. She specially loved jewellery.
One day, Nelly was shopping with her mother and saw a beautiful necklace. It was a plastic, pink pearl necklace placed inside a little metal box. Just what a girl her age would love!
“Oh please, Mummy, please, please, can you buy it for me? Please?” Nelly asked as she looked at her mother with begging eyes.
Her mother turned the box over and saw the price, and then she looked at her little girl. She looked so sweet. Her mother, suppressing a smile said, “The necklace is almost £15. If you really want it, why don’t you help me at home and in no time you will have enough money to buy them yourself. Your birthday is in one week and Granny will certainly give you some money as well. This way, you will also understand the value of money and having to work hard for it.”

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