Israeli prime minister says Hamas leader's comments show the militant group wants to destroy Israel (Second Coming Watch Update #282)

1. According to The Associated Press, Israel's prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu says comments by the leader of Hamas shows that the Palestinian militant group wants to destroy Israel.

2. According to Reuters, a Russia-led proposal calling for sweeping new governmental powers to regulate cyberspace could enable countries to block some Web locations and wrest control of allotting Internet addresses from a U.S.-based body.

3. According to The Associated Press, Hamas leader Kha-led Me-shaal, making his first ever visit to the Gaza Strip, vowed never to recognize Israel and said his Islamist group would never abandon its claim to all Israeli territory.

4. According to The Telegraph, many people around the world are taking the Mayan end of the world prediction seriously.

5. According to The Washington Times, the Navy has positioned two more warships in the Pacific to monitor North Korea's upcoming long-range missile launch.

Luke 21:25-26 //

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