Under My Mask

Under My Mask

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A truly unique cinematic experience that shockingly uncovers the hidden truths behind a population living under the masks of complete deception. Where the power of the human mind proves that it can turn against even the most innocent of people and leave them in dreadful fear of one another.

Watch as this unraveled paradox leads top scholars, philosophers, and medical professionals to dissect this frighteningly new anxiety disorder in their pursuits to discover the secrets that could counter balance its near epidemic effects on our society.

Travel to all expanses of the world at sublevel depths in reasoning while a documented breakthrough is finally constructed to resolve the suffering that current treatment methods have failed to subside over the past twenty years.

Time is of the essence to unlock a two-thousand year old message that could end the evolution of mental slavery once and for all. It's just facing the humbling realization that man-kind could be solely responsible for the creation of this sickness is what appears to be our biggest fear.

Go beyond what's safe to be seen; where there is freedom from being... Under My Mask.

Today's Devotional

A Prayer against Depression - Your Daily Prayer - October 15
If you've ever felt trapped, imprisoned, or helplessly caught by life, then you share the emotions of David.

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