The Diabolical - Movie Trailer

The trailer for Christian author Ryan Callaway's second feature film, "The Diabolical", starring Seana Cleary, Rachel Cook, and Danielle Senk.

13 year old Micah's life has been full of trouble from its beginning. She's never known her father, lost her mother to cancer several years ago and more recently suffered the loss of her older sister Erin. Five months after being orphaned her cousin Noah and Uncle Tom take her in.

Things seem normal at first but quickly take a turn for the worst. Micah begins to experience black outs, the "missing time phenomenon", evil voices, and other supernatural manifestations. When it becomes violent, Micah and those around her come to the disturbing realization that something is after her - intent on harming her and those closest to her.

Music: Most of the latter music is from the film's composer "Matthew LoRe"
Additional music from "Colleen".

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