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Can Ya' Hear Me Now? - Trailer

Daysha is a wife who is smart, sexy, and beautiful. Happily, she gives her husband whatever he wants; denying him no good thing; her desire is to please him and to stand by her husband no matter what. She is Michael's soul mate and helpmate. And she works hard to help build their financial future. Michael and Daysha are happily married and drawn to each other. But Daysha keeps a dark secret; she is sometimes drawn to her old friends and her lifestyle from the past; therewith lies deception, distraction and seduction.

This is a story about a married young couple who is madly in love with each other. Michael wants nothing more than to serve God and love his lady. He too works hard and comes home to give Daysha his undivided attention and full affection. But Daysha's memories of a not so distant past emerges when she least expects it; a dark-life style of parties, drugs, sex and clubs.

Clear communication can be a challenge within a marriage. This challenge is present between Michael and Daysha. What's spoken is sometimes not heard and what's heard may be misunderstood. We all fall short; there is only one 'Perfect One'...God. Can Michael and Daysha's unequally yoked relationship survive? Can Daysha's love conquer all her shortcomings? Those with ears let them hear. 'Can Ya' Hear Me Now?


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