Senior Hamas leader calls for suicide bombing campaign against Israel (Second Coming Watch Update #288)

Released: December 27, 2012 By: Daniel Whyte III

1. According to the Jerusalem, Post, a senior Hamas leader called for the resumption of suicide bombings against Israel. The demand came in response to the government's recent decision to approve the construction of hundreds of housing units in east Jerusalem. The director of the Jerusalem Department of Hamas said that armed Palestinian groups should initiate a confrontation with Israel over its plans to build new apartments in Jerusalem and its suburbs. He stated that the Palestinians should resort to various methods of resistance, including "martyrdom operations in the heart of Israel."

2. According to The Times of Israel, while legislative scholars and political pundits continue to debate the exact meaning of the upgrade of the Palestinians to a nonmember observer state, the United Nations last week officially changed the way it refers to the body: it is now the "State of Palestine," as opposed to merely "Palestine." The name change is based on an opinion by the UN's legal department. On a symbolic level, the decision will likely boost aspirations of Palestinian leaders who hope their newly gained status will help them establish a full-fledged independent state.

3. According to Reuters, a major winter storm system swept through the southern United States on Christmas Day, spawning tornadoes in several states and killing three people in weather-related road accidents...

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