Sunday School Lesson Children's Bible Study - Forgiveness - with Japanese Translation

Message Matthew 15:22-28 about forgiveness with Japanese Translation.

*The video didn't show the introduction which started with a joke for the children.
I have written the introduction below. I hope your children enjoy it and everyone shares it to learn about the love of our Lord!

Start with this joke: "Itai = Ouch in Japanese.

"Once there was a boy who went to the doctor because he had many ouches ("itais").
The doctor said, "Hello young boy, what is wrong?"
The boy said, "Doctor, doctor, I have many ouches everywhere on my whole body!"
The doctor said, "You look very healthy. It is very strange to have ouches everywhere on your body. Can you show me where it hurts?"
"Ok, doctor" said the boy.

The boy touched his right shoulder. "Ouch!"
The boy touched his nose.....and said......"Ouch!"
The boy touched his ear........and said......"Ouch!"
The boy touched his leg........and said......"Ouch!!"

"Wait a minute!" said the doctor. "Let me check something." (Examine your finger)
"You have a broken finger!"

Tell the children, "You see children, sometimes we can have one small thing and we make it a big, big thing. And that is what today's message is all about. Let's look at our bible story today from Matthew 15:22.

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