Resurrection song - He's Not There 5

Resurrection song - He's Not There 5

Resurrection Song - He's Not There -
This is our original song with artwork by the students at First Good Shepherd Lutheran School in Las Vegas. This is one of six versions with different student art.
He's Not There is a resurrection song inspired by the events found in Matthew 28:1-10.
He's Not There (Matthew 28: 1-10)
Words and Music by Jim Papanek

After the Sabbath on the first day of the week
two gals named Mary went to the tomb to take a peek
then came an earthquake and an angel who would say
don't be afraid for I've brought good news today

He's not there He has risen just like He said
Jesus is among the living not the dead
He is here always with us living in our heart
and from our lives He never will depart

So then the ladies went to tell the guys
while on the road they had a big surprise
Jesus had met them A greeting He gave the two, and said:
Go tell my brothers they'll see me just like you

Tell all your neighbors Tell all your friends
believe this story for a life that never ends
Go make disciples just like Jesus said
Teach 'em the truth
And teach 'em to tell it again