Book of Enoch | Noah Movie | Biblical Incorrectness?

Book of Enoch | Noah Movie | Biblical Incorrectness?

I recently read through the Genesis narrative and through the story of Noah. I have yet to see the film so this blog will not be about the film. It will however be about the book of Enoch which is considered extra biblical and not part of the widely excepted cannon of scripture due to various reasons. I read the book of Enoch after a person on facebook posted a quote from it that spoke about the nephilim which are briefly mentioned in the Genesis narrative. The book is very interesting and reading about the different reasons it should or should not be included as canon are a very debated subject. As a Jewish person who believes in Jesus I am more inclined to except this book because of how clearly it points to Jesus as the messiah of God who would come save his people. Though most Jews disagree today, I think to dismiss the book just because of this would be as ignorant as dismissing Isaiah 53 or Daniel 9 because of their close connection to Jesus. As always, it is my goal to look at such text with openness and a fair assessment and I hope this blog helps you to do the same.

Though not the best source here is a wiki article about the book

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