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God's Holy Spirit

God's Holy Spirit

There has to be a rebirth in order for you be born again.

Receiving the Spirit of God changes you- mind, body, soul

We are all the family of God - Gen 1 - 2

1Cor 15:45
-first Adam able to breathe and animated with life
- animals not able to be saved, nor is there charge for animals to be saved
-man is God's highest creation
-living soul
- quickening spirit

John 5:26
- the life in us( zoie)
-a life to everyone
-quickening spirit ; ability to regenerate e, self sustaining
-supernatural abilities in you when u accept Christ

1Cor 12:7-8
The area you struggle in is so that u can seek God and tap into your gift
-consider gift of healing, helps,
-God gift are to prosper you and make a difference
-wisdom is the application of knowledge
-God gives to you gently and if you are not careful you will think it is something that you did
-anointing does not mean salvation; Saul vs David
-gifting doesn't mean salvation
-God's spirit is a lifeline to Him
-God is teaching you to have faith in Him

1 Corinthians 2:12-16