Irish Dancers Surprise Judges With Modern Twist

Irish Dancers Surprise Judges With Modern Twist

Check out these talented Irish dancers surprise the judges on Britain’s Got Talent with a modern twist to their performance.

The dancers in this video clip are from Innova Irish Dance Company from Northern Ireland. For their audition on Britain’s Got Talent, the group consisted of 15 girls, all in red dresses and black tights. And they all show off their wonderful Irish dancing in unison. What a fun sight to see!

Their performance starts off with traditional Irish music, as expected, but then the song switches to modern music. That was a surprise that no one saw coming! The dancers all tap along to the fast beat, and it is quite an impressive sight.

The judges are so surprised, and they all are really enjoying watching the performance by the Innova Irish Dance Company. And the audience is clapping and cheering along while the song switches to another upbeat modern hit. This performance is definitely a crowd pleaser!

The camera then shows Simon smiling from ear to ear as he watches the dancers move across the floor with such precision. The Irish dancers have such great energy as they are showcasing their wonderful talent on stage.

According to their website, the Innova Irish Dance Company “seeks to promote traditional Irish dancing with an innovative twist. We encompass both a successful teaching school and a performance company which appears at events, nationally and internationally.”

Since the group reached the live semi-finals on Britain’s Got Talent, they have since been invited to appear on various other TV programs. And their vision is to bring energy and a fresh approach to Irish dancing, sharing the passion they have with audiences everywhere.

We hope that you enjoyed watching this performance from these Irish dancers and their fun and energetic audition was able to bring a smile to your face!

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