Jamie Lovell Stronger than most

Jamie Lynn Lovell was diagnosed with NF1 (the elephant man disease) at birth. The doctors told her mom she would be mentally retarded, mute, deaf, and probably wouldn't ever be able to walk. She has over 1,000 tumors, none painful, none cancerous. For 19 years Jamie defied the odds of what her doctors had claimed over her life.
Everything changed on Nov. 1st, 2010. After suffering with massive headaches and nausea for 22 days and refusing to go to the hospital, Jamie finally gave in realizing that something must be wrong...
Jamie's family is in desperate need of a handicap accessible van big enough for four other children. Jamie has other surgeries coming in the near future , the disiese has no cure the doctors are saying she only has three more years.
The family is believing in God for a miracle and believing in you all to help with donations. Please share this video along with the link to get her the funds needed to make it through this journey.


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