Breaking Prophecy News; Two Second Comings or One? Part 2 (The Prophet Daniel's Report #361)

PROPHECY HEADLINES: Russia masses troops along Ukraine border; 6.3 magnitude earthquake strikes near Japan; Islamic Jihad announces Egypt-brokered truce with Israel

PROPHECY BOOTCAMP: Two Second Comings or One? (Part 2) from Dr. Tim LaHaye

While some Bible teacher believe that the rapture and second coming happen simultaneously, many others believe that there are two different parts or phases of His one coming.

For example, Christ is now in heaven, from which the angel promised He would come again to earth. The first phase of His coming is "in the air" for believers; it will be a great blessing to all who participate in it. Bible scholars call this the rapture, based on the Greek word "harpazo," which means "to snatch away." The same word is used in Acts 8:39 and describes how the Holy Spirit "caught Philip away" after he baptized the Ethiopian. Paul also used this word to describe his experience of being "caught up to the third heaven." "Rapture" has come to refer to the phase of our Lord's return when He appears in the air just for Christians, who will be "caught up" together with the resurrected saints who have been "asleep in Jesus."

According to 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18, which is the Bible's most complete description of the rapture phase of Christ's coming, the rapture is preceded by the resurrection of all Christians who have died since the founding of Christianity. They are not really dead, since their souls and spirits have been "absent from the body...

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