Two Funny Grannies Take Their First Flight

Two Funny Grannies Take Their First Flight

Sometimes in life, fear can hold us back. Whether it be a physical or emotional fear, these things can keep us from truly embracing the life that God wants us to live. An and Ria are two complete strangers who have been held back by the same fear.

These sweet grannies are both in their 70s and have a fear of flying. An has feared flying so much that she would rather take a bus or be limited in her travel than to get in an airplane. On the other hand, Ria is a little daredevil but her husband’s fear of flying held her back. Ria shared that her husband was fearful of swimming, flying and many other things that she thinks she would have enjoyed.

But now, these two ladies have decided to put their fears aside and conquer it head on. Just wait until you see their hilarious personalities and how these strangers seem like best friends almost immediately. Both of these women were able to support each other in a completely new experience. And they were treated like princesses in a ride on their very own private jet.

An and Ria had both heard many things about flying but they still weren’t sure what to expect until they took off. After they both got over the initial fear of take off, these funny ladies were amazed at the world below. This truly goes to show that it’s never to late to face your fears and find joy in life.

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