The Power of the Lord's Prayer, Part 2 (TPMD Bus 1 – #39)

The Power of the Lord's Prayer, Part 2 (TPMD Bus 1 – #39)

Our prayer motivator verse from the Word of God today is Psalm 17:1 which reads: "Hear the right, O LORD, attend unto my cry, give ear unto my prayer, that goeth not out of feigned lips."

Our prayer motivator quote today is from Adoniram Judson. He said, "I never prayed sincerely and earnestly for anything but it came at some time; no matter at how distant a day, somehow, in some shape, probably the least I would have devised, it came."

Our prayer motivator devotional today is part 2 of our last devotional titled THE POWER OF THE LORD'S PRAYER from Dr. John R. Rice. Dr. Rice said...

"And forgive us our sins." Every Christian needs to pray that prayer every day. We are saved, yet we are saved sinners. Every day, according to the teaching of our Saviour, we should come to God and get all the hindrances removed. By confessing our sins, we are cleansed and forgiven, as is faithfully promised in 1 John 1:9. And when we come to God for daily cleansing and forgiveness, let us remember to forgive others.

I know that when one turns to Christ for salvation and depends upon Him in simple faith, he gets all of his sins forgiven - sins of the past, of the present, and of the future. All these sins - every one - have been laid upon Jesus Christ, who has paid for them. The one who trusts in Christ has everlasting life and never will come into condemnation but is passed from death unto life.

But there is a secondary sense in which Christians need forgiveness every day.