MercyMe - Flawless

This is an uplifting and comforting song from MercyMe's album "Welcome To The New". The song is simply called "Flawless." Yes, despite all of our bumps, bruises, scars, wounds, and pains, God's grace is unceasing. No, we are not flawless in the eyes of the world or even in our own eyes. But because of 1 John 1:9 (exercise to the reader: look it up) we are flawless in God's eyes if we admit our mistakes and ask for His forgiveness.

It's such a good song it took a lot of guys to write it: Solomon Olds, Ben Glover, Nathan Cochran, Mike Scheuchzer, Barry Graul, Robby Shaffer, Bart Millard, David Arthur Garcia.

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